Meet the dj booth for the highest demands on quality, appearance and use.
Designed and crafted by Christian Gerlach.


The goal is to let the diversity return to dj homes away from the equality that has crept in recent years.

With this simple but straightforward design, you can restructure your home and make the booth a new focal point in your home.
Enough space for the mixer and two turntables, two turntables and one cdj or three cdjs you are free to organize your perfect working space.

All the equipment will be plugged in behind the aperture and will just leave the table with one single cable to avoid unpleasent cable confusion.

The booth is made of high-quality oak or alternatively from dark acacia.
The lower compartment can hold up to 200 records and more


- Delivery time depends on the demand but is between 3 and 4 weeks.
- treated with hard oil to make it water resistant
- size 150 / 50 / 90 cm
- price 999 €


“Apart from my label and productions, I have been working as a DJ for 12 years now. At the end of last year, after a certain planning phase, I was able to start implementing my idea of a DJ table. This is made in a small home manufacture, by hand and selecting high-quality materials. I have been able to make the table several times for friends and acquaintances and there is growing interest within the DJ community.” – Christian Gerlach